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Aussie Farmer - AgFin Services

"Profits are an opinion,
cash is a fact"

AgFin Services is a consultant to family farms and the people that run them.  Our primary goal is to help farm owners to better understand the finances that drive their business.

Given the absolute importance of money to any farm operation, the focus of AgFin's services is cash flow within an easy-to-adopt framework designed to give you financial control of the farm's future. 

our most popular services

Farm Match Fitness Assessment Service - AgFin Services

Farm 'Match-Fitness' Assessment

Cash Flow Forecasting & Management Service - AgFin Services

Cash Flow Forecasting & Management

Annual & Strategic Planning Service - AgFin Services

Annual & Strategic Planning

Specialist knowledge, independent advice

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Robert Barnes


My passion is working with ambitious and successful farmers, wanting to understand more about farm finance and how the numbers impact growth plans. 

I do this by using the experience of 40+ years of financial management in agribusiness, banking, capital markets, finance and treasury.

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Your knowledge beyond the paddock

  • Learn how to use all the farm and financial data you already have to create a powerful tool for farm analysis and planning

  • Improve your long-term profitability and be bank-ready for the next big move.

  • Develop financial resilience to those disappointing seasons or unwanted events.

Having been involved in finance and financial markets for just over 40 years I have experienced all the economic highs lows that can be thrown at us.  From a farming perspective, a constant throughout all ups and downs is the need to have up-to-date and reliable information and able to work with someone they can rely upon for high quality advice and support when its most needed.

Acting as your independent adviser, we provide a fresh perspective, act as a sounding board, help set priorities and in the process save you time and money.

Close up of Wheat Crop - AgFin Services

Hear from other farmers experiences

As young farmers we want to consistently develop and progress our business.  An area we were lacking in was our knowledge of business planning, banking and forecasting. ‘Barnesy’ provides a process and in-depth, progressive business model which for one we understand, and secondly can implement.

He always responds to calls, texts and emails and is someone we often run ideas past.  ‘Barnesy’ ensures the everyday person understands the finer principles.  We really value his knowledge and enjoy working with him towards our goals.

Adam & Jess Ferguson - Miga Lake

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

For the start of the 2024 season, we are offering a select few family farmers a 30% discount on our premium retainer service. 

That gives you

  • on-farm meetings and information gathering

  • a detailed farm match-fitness assessment that breaks through the jargon 

  • a strategic plan and set of recommendations you can implement yourself 

  • monthly analysis and updates; and

  • unlimited coaching support for a year.

If you're interested to see how we could help your farm, click the link below, and we will get back to you

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